Touch-screen control

The way to make a selection on the screen can be customized by the user. See the Mind Express Help function.
Figure 1. Touch-screen control
CAUTION: Do not use sharp tools, to prevent scratching the touch screen.
Note: Tap with your finger, not with your fingernail!
CAUTION: Make sure the touch screen does not come into contact with water.
Use the following techniques to operate the touch screen:
Action Technique
Left click Tap once on the object with your finger.
Double-click Give two short, quick taps on the object with your finger.
Dragging To move a (draggable) object, touch the object and drag it to the desired location.
Right-click Gently touch the screen with your finger, leave it there for a few seconds and then remove it again.
Note: The option to drag in communication boards, can be set in Mind Express.