Do not dispose of the appliance with the household waste!

Use specific collection systems to reduce the ecological impact. At the end of its service life the device must be disassembled in an environmentally friendly manner and disposed of. Follow the current local legal requirements and contact the local authorities if in doubt.

If the device has been fitted with a non-replaceable rechargeable battery, then this should only be removed by a qualified professional.

If the device has been fitted with a replaceable rechargeable battery, only dispose of the empty battery at an authorized collection point.

Used batteries are considered to be chemical waste. In accordance with local legislation, it is forbidden to dispose of batteries together with other industrial or household waste.

A crossed-out trash can is shown on the device label to encourage users:
  • not to discard the product as residual household waste.
  • to recycle the product and its components as much as possible.
  • dispose of the product at a licensed collection point.

The correct way of disposing of these products contributes to human health and the environment!

If you have any questions about disposing of the product, please contact:
  • the distributor of the device
  • the local authorities where you live
  • the waste treatment authority