Introducing the Vibe

Figure 1. Vibe front view
No. Identification Explanation
1 Front camera The device has a front camera for taking photos and videos.
2 Touch screen The device has a 10.1 inch capacitive touch screen. See Screen.
3 This opening is not used! This opening is not used!
4 USB port type C You can charge the device and connect a USB C hub via the USB port. You can connect devices and peripherals via the USB C hub.
5 Volume control You can adjust the volume with the volume control. See Setting the volume.
6 On/off button This allows you to switch the device on/off or revert to sleep mode. The integrated LED of the on/off indicator shows the status of the device:
  • no indicator light showing: device is switched off
  • indicator light showing: device is switched on
  • flashing: device is in sleep mode
Figure 2. Vibe rear view
No. Identification Explanation
7 Speakers The device has a number of powerful loudspeakers.
8 Escape This button is used:
  • to stop all speech/sound
  • to display the title bar and menu bar in Mind Express
  • to switch from scanning to Mind Express
  • to stop scripting in Mind Express
9 Tray stand The Vibe has a folding stand. The stand is designed so that the device can be ergonomically supported on a tray.
10 Mounting plate (optional) Mounting plate for REHADAPT mounting system. You can also select a mounting plate for the DAESSY mounting system.
11 Reset This button is used to reset the device.
12 Display The Vibe is equipped with a rear display on which text can be displayed.
13 Rear camera The device is equipped with a camera for taking photos and videos.